What is Your Quarter 1 Domino?

A Uniquely Built Business

Have you ever seen those huge falling domino chains? You know the ones that get set up in huge auditoriums and set Guinness World Records? They can be so spectacular, mesmerizing and incredibly impressive, sometimes they spell out words or climb stairs (Need an example? Check this one out!)  


What does this have to do with business? When we are planning out our year goals, or our 10 year goals, it’s much like the builders of these domino displays. They probably think about the big, impressive pieces of the exhibition—like what picture it will display or how high they can build a tower that topples to keep the line falling. Just like we plan big launches or impressive revenue milestones.



But what is possibly the most important domino in the entire system?

The first one. The first domino makes all the other dominoes fall. The first domino makes all the impressive, spectacular displays happen. Without the first domino, the rest isn’t possible.


So, let me ask you: What is your Quarter 1 Domino in your business? What is the number one problem you need to solve that makes all your other goals easier to attain? What is the most important thing you must accomplish, not because it is necessarily the biggest or most impactful thing to your business, but because it makes everything else possible or at the very least, easier? 


I’ve been asking my clients this question over the last few weeks as we kick off a new quarter. Every time I bring it up, people nod with understanding, like a lightbulb goes off in their head. For one client, finishing a simple opt-in PDF allows her marketing team to take over and create emails, social and funnels to bring more eyes to her offers. For another client, mapping out the timeline of the year-long work she does with private clients will allow her to create templates, and build in efficiency so she can serve more clients. For another, hiring her first full-time employee will allow her to stay in her Zone of Genius (and stop working until 2am!) And for another, creating a systematized marketing plan for a new offer, will allow her to reuse the marketing plan as a template for the next offer and the next.


That first domino might be a boring white one in a single line, but it makes the rest of the extravaganza possible. 


Your Quarter Domino should answer the question, “What problem could I solve in my business to make all my other goals easier?” or “What is the thing that is the catalyst for cascading successes?”

Your Quarter Domino might already be on your goal list. Look at your current goals or projects for Quarter 1. Is there one thing that stands out as the catalyst for some of your other goals? Is there one thing that acts at the first step to some of your other goals? This might be your Quarter 1 Domino.


Or, when you look at the goals you’ve already set for yourself, is there another thing that, when you complete that thing, will lead to other other goals being easier?


If your goals are to:

  • Increase overall revenue
  • Launch a new leveraged product
  • Be seen as an expert in your space

Then your Quarter Domino might be to develop one signature talk (that ties into your new offer) that you deliver to new audiences.


You can use this Domino idea beyond the Quarter as well. What is the thing TODAY that will make everything else easier? Maybe today’s domino is starting your morning with a walk in nature. Or perhaps it is figuring out the pricing for a new offer (so you can start marketing it.)


What is your Quarter 1 Domino? Defining (and completing) it will create momentum and make the rest of your spectacular goals possible.

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