The ultimate vip day Experience:

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ATTENTION, solopreneurs...

What if you could get more done in your business

in one day than you have in months?

I've got some good news and bad news.
Want to start with the good? Here we go:

You have built a thriving business. You have great ideas. Your clients love you and they’re getting incredible results. 


Ready for the bad news?

You are busy. When you get busy, you focus on getting things off your to do list. It’s important, but reactive work.

Your days are filled with client calls and projects – and you are trying to cram business building into the margins. Frankly it’s exhausting. You need space, mentally and on your calendar, to make the magic that will elevate your business and continue to impact even more lives. 

What if you could get that space… and a ton done… in one day? 

The Workcation

The ultimate vip day experience

The Workcation is a one-day virtual intensive where you and I work side-by-side to solidify where your business is headed, create an implementation plan, and start building momentum that accelerates your project… and your business forward.

The Workcation is a dedicated day to work ON your business, not FOR your business.


You’ve been in business long enough to know that you need 3 things to be successful:

“In one day with Megan I accomplished a key goal I’d been wrestling with and was left with immediate actionable steps and a plan.

 Talk about worth it!”

– Hanna Donnelly

If you need an extra brain on your project with a caffeine-infused shot of experts on the side to supercharge your ability to get your big idea done and out into the world...

The Workcation VIP Day is for you!

The Workcation is the ultimate virtual VIP Day experience for busy, smart entrepreneurs like you.

So, what is The Workcation anyway?

The Workcation VIP Day is all about strategy and execution! 

Together (virtually for now) we flesh out all your great ideas and hone in on the ones that will grow your business the fastest. We make revenue-focused decisions and a detailed plan to get there.

Then, I bring in my team to help GET STUFF DONE. That’s right – the second half of our day together is all about execution. You, me, and my team; we all roll up our sleeves and get to work. A Workcation is an extra brain and many extra hands to take your next big idea out of your head and get it into the hands of your clients, where it impacts their lives AND makes you money. 

By the end of the day you’ll have:


AND my team will have already crossed a few of those items off that checklist, so you leave the day with a jump-start on your project and momentum to get it done and into the world!

Here's how a Workcation breaks down...

Your Next Big Idea

The first half of the day, you get my brain. We’ll take your great idea and I’ll help you dial it in with my Revenue Impact Formula. We’ll flesh out all your great ideas and hone in on the ones that will accelerate your business the fastest. We look at the numbers and the data to make revenue-focused decisions. We’ll look at profitability, scalability, and just plain old likability to make your next big idea your best idea yet!


Lunch on Let's Collective

All this hard work needs fuel! So we set up lunch delivery ahead of time from your favorite restaurant. You take a break and let all the hard work from the morning marinate. Eat lunch, take a walk, put on your favorite podcast, and then get ready for some serious action taking.


Planned for Profit

We take your big idea and plug it into my proven framework. We create a Road Map for you and your team so you can keep the momentum going in the weeks and months ahead. 


Ongoing Support

We will book a 60-minute call 2 weeks after your VIP Day to make sure you’re still on track and all systems are a go. AND you’ll have access to me via Voxer for those 2 weeks to keep you unstuck and on schedule. 


“I was able to accomplish so much during my Workcation VIP day! Having Megan and her team working with me throughout the day helped me overcome roadblocks and obstacles that otherwise would have stalled me during my creative process. I ended the Workcation VIP Day with a major piece of my project almost complete, as well as a strategic plan for the rest of my project, and a launch plan for my online course!” 

– Robin Kaplan

What can we accomplish during a Workcation?

Because this is a completely custom, one-on-one experience, there is so much we can do together. Here are some examples:

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Have we met?

Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, founder of Let’s Collective, a business growth strategy firm devoted to making entrepreneurship easier and helping women-owned businesses scale. 

Our clients are incredible, world changing business owners. Just like you, they have great ideas that make big impacts. You can do it all, but you shouldn’t have to do it all alone. 

At Let’s Collective, we want to show you that just because you are in business for yourself, it doesn’t have to be by yourself. 

We partner with you in your success (and virtually high-five you along the way.)

If you're ready to get to work

NOW IS THE TIME TO Book a workcation!

In just one day, you can leave with more completed than you’ve done in months, plus a detailed plan on how to get the rest done and get your next idea into the world, where it can impact your clients and grow your bottom line. 

If you need help getting unstuck, getting unbusy and getting your big idea into the world, The Workcation is EXACTLY what you need!


Have more questions? We got you!

Sure! Just find a spot on my calendar right here, and we can discuss what you are working on and see if we are a good fit.

Sorry, we are not a design firm, but we have great recommendations if you need one! And while our team can implement most software programs you might be using, we can’t create anything custom, do any coding, or troubleshoot broken things. But again, we can recommend people who can!

Yup! This is all hands on deck. A Workcation should not be confused with a vacation. This is WORK. It’s an intensive day where we roll up our sleeves and do the work… you, me, and my team. This is not for you if you want to sit back, relax, and let someone else do it for you. 

A lot! But we are also not superhero time-benders. The Workcation is one day — 6 hours — and we still have to eat and pee! A successful Workcation is about setting realistic expectations and then making them happen. We want to have one completed project, not a million great ideas that are half-baked.

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