Momentum Programs
Lets Collective
Momentum Academy & Accelerator

are business coaching programs that grow with you
as you scale. Get the right support at the right time.

Built on foundation of a revenue-based
planning system and our signature Momentum Methodology, you’ll be able to:

I’m going to take a guess and
say despite knowing what success
looks like,
 you’re wondering if this
is what it’s supposed to feel like.

The overwhelm.
The exhaustion.
The loneliness.

Whether you need a more strategic plan, more
accountability, or a like-minded community to support you,

Momentum meets you where you are.
Janna Denton-Howes

I was ready to run with the big girls…

I was feeling lonely as an entrepreneur. Tired of being in these smaller programs or free groups and feeling like I was just giving advice all the time rather than actually being with women who I could run with and who could inspire me. Megan really has a talent for curating a group of amazing women. -Janna Denton-Howes

Megan Flatt working
Momentum Academy
You’ve been doing it by yourself, let’s do it together!
Momentum Academy is a monthly business coaching program designed to help you create a sustainable business through actionable learning days, group support and strategic planning.
We help you attract the right clients, up your sales skills, increase your profits, build an entrepreneurial mindset and more. Plus there’s dedicated time to get it all done, with support! Just because you are in business for yourself, doesn’t mean it has to be by yourself. 

  • Learning Days around topics that you need to build a sustainable business. Plus, actions you can take immediately to implement what you’ve learned in your own business. No more guessing how to apply new information to your business
  • Foundational training on solidifying your unique business methodology that makes everything from marketing to selling to delivery easier. 
  • Proven, revenue-focused planning system to make sure the right things get done in your business … and your life. 
  • Support from a community of like-minded successful, motivated and driven business owners just like you (your business bestie awaits!)
Megan Flatt working
Momentum Accelerator


For established business owners who want to scale without burning out

Momentum Accelerator is a 12-week mastermind to fast track your business momentum through a custom Growth Acceleration Plan. 

We help ambitious business owners scale your business without burnout with an action-oriented retreat, high-touch one-on-one mentorship, and dedicated small group coaching with like-minded business owners. Plus you get exclusive access to templates, swipe files, and other resources to make entrepreneurial success easier.

  • Your custom Growth Acceleration Plan and dashboard move your unique business forward with high-touch support.
  • A 2-day Workcation Retreat to learn, plan, strategize and most importantly get stuff done. Leave our virtual retreat not just with a solid plan, but also with a strategy to execute it, PLUS items from your to-do list actually completed.
  • One-on-one mentorship with Megan – get out of the weeds and create business growth strategies and make CEO-level decisions.
  • Weekly touchpoints to give you as much planning and strategy support as you need, without getting bogged down.
  • Small group Brain Trust meetings with womxn who are equally committed to business growth.
  • Plus all the planning and done-for-you resources you need, when you need them.







Lily Jones Image

When I joined Momentum Accelerator, I knew my business would grow, but I didn’t realize how it would positively impact all aspects of my life. I feel more supported, grounded, and inspired.

—Lily Jones

Momentum Planner

Momentum Academy

Momentum Accelerator

  • A physical, undated quarterly planner
  • A step-by-step profit planning system to go along with your planner
  • Business-focused planning pages
  • A strategic weekly scheduler
  • A video tutorial library
$47/1 Quarterly Planner
$125/4 Quarterly Planners
Start Planning
    • Monthly Learning Day masterclasses on actionable themes
    • Monthly Workcation virtual coworking sessions
    • Monthly group coaching sessions
    • Weekly live planning session
    • Quarterly CEO Planning retreats (virtual)
    • Signature Methodology Masterclass
    • Printable workbook each month corresponding to that month’s theme
    • Engaged community on a dedicated platform
    • Bonus guest experts
    • Money Momentum Planner
    • Quarterly goodie boxes
    • Financial Framework Kit
    • Templates, swipe files, and other resources coordinating to each month’s theme

    3-month minimum, then

    cancel anytime

    Join the Academy
    • 2-day exclusive Workcation Retreat (virtual through spring 2021)
    • Custom Growth Acceleration Plan
    • Three monthly 1:1 calls with Megan
    • Weekly touch points for business, financial, and mindset coaching
    • Dedicated Brain Trust group for collaboration and support
    • Engaged community on a dedicated platform
    • Exclusive access to guest experts
    • Money Momentum Planner
    • Retreat goodie box
    • Exclusive access to all templates, swipe files, and other resources
    • Weekly Planning sessions (optional)
    • Access to Academy Learning Days as needed
    $4000/1 payment
    $1375/3 payments

    (Application only)

    Accelerators start: January 11, April 12, and September 20, 2021

    Accelerator is a Quarterly Program


    Join the Accelerator
    Quarterly CEO Days
    Available to Academy & Accelerator Participants
    Momentum CEO Day is a virtual planning retreat that pairs expert guidance creating a revenue roadmap with an actionable plan for your next 90 days, complete with strategic goals that pair your profit goals with how you want your whole life to feel.
    Monthly Learning Days

    Available to Academy (and optional for Accelerator members)

    Perfect Your Profits

    Master the Sale

     Do Less Better Marketing Plan

    CEO Structure & Hiring

    Use Your Strengths

    Track to Attract

    Let’s Get Visible

    Cashflow Calendar

    CEO Day

    Megan Flatt CEO of  Let’s Collective
    Meet Megan
    Megan Flatt is a business growth strategist and life-long entrepreneur. She has been working with clients for years to create strategic growth plans that allow you to streamline and scale your business so you can make more money and spend your time on all the other things that matter in your life. Megan has helped hundreds of women, just like you, turn their big ideas into day-to-day plans where they actually happen – while eliminating stress and removing the overwhelm.
    How much time do these programs take?

    Like everything, you get out of it what you put in. Here is a breakdown of the “live” time in each program:

    Each quarter Momentum members from both programs are invited to CEO Day, a 6-hour virtual planning retreat to strategically map out your quarter.

    Momentum Academy is roughly two hours a week. There will be a 30-minute planning session on Mondays and a 60–90 min group activity on most Thursdays. You will have additional time with your Momentum Brain Trust and our online community. 

    Momentum Accelerator includes more one-on-one time that can be scheduled at your convenience, and weekly touchpoints to keep you on track. In addition to the CEO Day, Accelerator members are invited to one 2-day Workcation Retreat.

    Which program is right for me?

    The Momentum Academy is all about learning and refining new skills as an entrepreneur. We’ll focus on upping your game when it comes to marketing, business systems, and leveraging your own unique business skills and assets. The Academy is built around a strong community of like-minded women who are committed to the idea that rising tides raise all boats.

    The Momentum Accelerator is for you if you are already making six-figures or are otherwise established in your business. You are ready to scale to the next level and make business easier in the process. The Accelerator has an intimate group of women who run at the same pace you do but is centered around more one-on-one mentorship and support for your unique business needs.

    Can I join at any time?

    You can join Momentum Academy at any time. Your membership starts at the first of the following month, with a 3-month commitment to start. 

    Applications for the Accelerator program are accepted throughout the year. The Accelerator starts January 11, April 12, and September 20 in 2021.

    I’m not at six-figures (yet!) Can I still join the Momentum Accelerator?

    Six-figures are just a number. We are looking for entrepreneurs who have been running successful businesses for a while and no longer need support around the basics of running a business. We want you to be “all-in” when it comes to your business, and willing to work hard and contribute at a high level. If this is you, please apply.

    I’m not at six-figures (yet!) Can I still join the Momentum Accelerator?

    Six-figures are just a number. We are looking for entrepreneurs who have been running successful businesses for a while and no longer need support around the basics of running a business. We want you to be “all-in” when it comes to your business, and willing to work hard and contribute at a high level. If this is you, please apply.

    What kind of guest experts do you bring in?

    The guest experts vary based on group needs at the time. Past guest experts have covered topics ranging from sales, legal requirements for business, conversion copywriting, using the enneagram in business, building community, and much more.

    Are the retreats in person?

    Great question! With the current COVID pandemic, our retreats will be virtual. As soon as it is safe to travel again, we will be resuming in-person retreats. We promise the Workcation Retreats will knock your socks off—virtual or otherwise. We do encourage and assist with the planning of a physical yet safe retreat get-away for the days we are meeting virtually.

    Do I have to be a mom?

    No! While my brand has been heavily geared towards Mama CEOs in the past, we are now serving all self-identifying women, who want to build businesses that support what’s important in their lives.

    I'm not ready for Momentum Accelerator. Can I still get 1-1 support?

    Check out The Workcation. These one-day intensives are perfect if you want one-one support on one specific area of your business and to get tasks completed in one day.

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