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You can do All. The. Right. Things.
and still struggle to grow.

Frustrating, right ?
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Entrepreneurship should be easier.

Here at Let’s Collective ™, we help female business owners build momentum with a strategic growth plan so that they can make a living and a life.

What does that mean?

It means having a partner to help you streamline and scale your business and someone to (virtually) high five when you start making way more money and having more time to do the things you love instead of working 24/7.


 We got you.

Let’s do this together.
How do I make entrepreneurship easier?

Let’s Plan
Next Level
What’s it going to take to get to the next level?

Let’s Grow

When will I know it’s time to scale? How do I do it?

Let’s Get Results

Are you a small business owner needing

Every small to mid-sized business needs Megan Flatt!

Megan Flatt works with my whole management team at Noe Valley Bakery and we couldn’t do without her. She keeps us all on track with quarterly goals, monthly check-ins and strategy sessions to vision the future. She keeps the team moving forward as a whole and as individuals which helps me manage and grow my company. 

Mary Gassen, President, Noe Valley Bakery

We work with executive teams and employees to maximize productivity, plan projects and meet goals, offer one-day training workshops for your team, or meet with you and your executives for ongoing coaching and consulting.

Megan Flatt
Women working with Let’s Collective see big changes in their business and life like:


  • Double or even triple revenue. BOOM!
  • Hire a team to support business growth
  • Meet lifelong “business besties”
  • Finally master time management
  • Create clear financial goals and bust through money mindset roadblocks
Need clarity on exactly what you need to do to grow?

Start with our clarity quiz.