What Comes Next?

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(If you sang/read that title as King George, then you are my people…but seriously…)


What comes next? 


You might be asking yourself that very question right now. In fact, I pretty much guarantee you are asking that question about more than one area of your life right now. What comes next for my kids school situation? What comes next for our country? What comes next for my business? And what comes next for the 800th meal I need to feed my family today?


While I can’t answer all of these questions for you (or for me for that matter, I mean how many meals a day do I have to make?) I can help you think through what comes next in your business. 


Actually, you are probably closer to an answer than you think. We just have to break down our big “what comes next?” questions into a few smaller questions. 


What are you amazing at?

Your business may be looking a little different right now. You may have had to pivot what you offer, maybe more than once. You may still be offering the same thing, but in a different way. Or maybe your offers have become so in demand that you have to rethink your business model to handle the uptick in business. No matter what your business looks like, what YOU are amazing at hasn’t changed. 


Your skill set, your Zone of Genius, the impact you make for your clients hasn’t changed…even if the WAY you operate has. Coming back to that knowledge will help you answer the question, what comes next.


If you are a stylist who hasn’t been able to see people in person, ask yourself, “What am I amazing at?” Maybe you are really great at helping your clients feel good about themselves, or value self care. That doesn’t have to change.

If you are an event planner who can’t plan in-person events right now, but what you are really amazing at is helping your clients think through all the steps that go into a really stellar experience, you can still do that.


Maybe you are a graphic designer who usually works with a small handful of clients on a retainer basis, but you can’t make that work right now with your new homeschool schedule. But you are known for understanding what your clients need and a quick turnaround on deliverables…you can leverage that in a different way.  


What do your clients need right now? 

After you remember what you are amazing at, and that that hasn’t changed, it’s time to assess what your clients need and how that very well may have changed. What are your clients struggling with now? What problem do they wish they could solve? What is no longer working for them?

This might mean they need something different or it might mean they need it delivered in a different way.


Maybe your clients don’t need an office wardrobe right now, but they really need to know how to pick out yoga pants that actually make them feel good about their body.


Maybe your client can’t commit to a 6-month program right now, but would love to do a one-day intensive (even at a higher price).


Maybe your client used to love to figure out how to set up her own tech pieces in her business or cook her own meals, but now just doesn’t have enough time while also supporting distance learning for her kids, and would love to just pay someone else to get it done for her.


By assessing what problem your client has NOW, you decide how you can solve that problem for her now. 


What does your schedule need to look like? 

Part of the reason we became entrepreneurs was to have more flexibility with our schedules. We need to lean back into that reason as we create our plan for ‘what’s next?’  Maybe you have less (or no) childcare. Maybe you want to be able to devote more time to social causes you believe in or maybe you want the flexibility to run your business from your Airstream on the road. 


Whatever your new schedule needs look like, plan your business around those time frames from the get go, instead of trying to jam your business into a schedule where it no longer fits.


Maybe your workday needs to start at noon after distance learning wraps up. Or maybe you only want to take client calls on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so you can volunteer to call voters on Tuesday and Thursday. Maybe you want to switch from one-on-one zoom meetings to delivering consulting via recorded video, so you don’t have to rely on the WiFi at that campground in the woods.


This is your time to pivot what you do and how you do it, but you don’t have to recreate the wheel. Start with what you already know to be true, your skill, and then pivot how you can use that skill to solve your clients current problems. And structure it in a way that works for not only them, but for you too. 

It is very likely that you can create an even better, more aligned business model than you had before. And to that I say; “Awesome, wow! You DO have a clue what happens now”.

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