Momentum Monday
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Momentum Monday

Momentum Monday Planning System

You're 15 minutes away from planning out a profitable week! Avoid wasting time and get the most important things done each week.

The Momentum Monday Weekly Planning system lets you plan out your entire week in 15 minute or less so you can get the most important things done and avoid wasting time on the rest.

You’ll start with a weekly download of all the things that need to get done (or you think need to get done.) You’ll set work hours (that's right, no more working 24/7 as an entrepreneur) You’ll put the most important things on your calendar, like your team meetings, sales call and your
daughter’s class party. You’ll set a money momentum focus for the week and declare your top priorities.

In 15 minutes or less, you’ll have your full week planned to make money, spend time with your family and even get to that yoga class you’ve been meaning to add to your schedule.

Click buy and start your Momentum Mondays today!

What's working? The concept of the weekly money momentum focus. I used it today to redirect what I was working on. I was about to do one thing, but realised that it didn’t move me towards my focus so pivoter and wrote the email that would get me there.
—Sara Sims