Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

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Did you know that, according to the National Sales Executives Association, 80% of sales happen on the 5–12th contact with the potential client?

Yet 48% of people never follow up with a prospect at all.

To run a more profitable business, you need to tell people about what you sell more often. You can’t send out one newsletter, bury an offer in a blog post, or even share a beautiful graphic advertising your product a few times on social media and expect the sales to come pouring in.

If you do, you’re probably only getting about 5% of your potential sales.

You need to follow up with people who might be interested in what you offer and give them more information, address a concern or a question, or frankly just remind them what you are selling. 

This is a huge place where business owners fall short in making the impact they want to make in the world. 


You spend time putting together killer offers, but when sales are not what you hope. You might be tempted to go back to the drawing board and create a new offer. But the truth is, you are leaving money on the table and the solution is actually a lot more simple. 


Following up with potential prospects is the number one way to increase sales. 


I’ve worked with hundreds of women and it works every time. 


One client sent emails to past clients from the waiting room at the doctor’s office and booked $5k in business in about 15 minutes. 


Another client was about to close the cart on a brand new offer, thrilled with the sign ups she had so far. After following up with a few people who had expressed interest, but hadn’t purchased yet, she completely sold out, without even creating a sales page. 


Another client made some big pivots in her business that required major updates to her website. But before she even did that, she reached out to a few people who were the right fit for this new direction and sold her new highest package – $36,000


Following up is not pushy or salesy, it’s actually an act of service. Your potential customers are busy. They don’t open every email, they misplaced the information or they meant to come back but got sidetracked. 


You following up might be exactly what that person needs to solve a problem in their business or life. 


Following up is like finding money hidden in your business. When’s the last time you followed up? How much money are you leaving on the table?


Lets Collective Follow Up Graphic

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