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 a dirty word

I like ambitious women – women who have big goals,

who want to live a full life,

and are willing to do the work to get there.

But let’s not confuse hard work with hustle.
Hustle is a draining, never-ending slog.

You never get to say goodbye to hustle and just relax.

Hustle owns you.
Hard Work Is Different
Hard work is different

Hard work means making strategic decisions and backing them up with action, building systems that support your growth, and making revenue-focused, CEO-level decisions…every day. Hard work is honorable and necessary if you want to find ease in your business.

Yep, you read that right. You don’t have to hustle to scale, but it does require hard work with one eye on the present and one on the future.

A 12-week mastermind to fast track your business momentum through a custom Growth Acceleration Plan, an action-oriented retreat, high-touch one-on-one mentorship, and dedicated small group coaching with like-minded business owners.

Momentum Accelerator is a focused,
all-in commitment to your business and yourself.
It is designed to accelerate your business quickly.


You are solution and action-oriented. If you take your business seriously, so do we.
Let’s bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


I just hit $23,226 in October! Hell yes – I’m in the 20K club! —Julia Sarver

Let’s Collective by Megan Flatt
Scale Your Business Without the Burnout
Going behind the scenes of the “I make six-figures” posts
on Instagram, here’s what no one tells you about being a
successful female business owner:
  • It’s easy to feel capped out capacity-wise: with your time, with your revenue, with everything.
  • Female support and networking groups just don’t offer the high-level support that you need.
  • Deciding when and what to outsource is tough!
  • You want to grow but can’t imagine working harder than you are now.

….but you also know you were meant for this.

You’ve spent years building momentum, and now we need
to leverage that momentum and focus on taking BIG actions…
strategic risk-taking that becomes the catalyst for massive growth.

Laura Shapiro

My revenue doubled in 2020.

Momentum Accelerator helped me narrow down exactly where I wanted my revenue to come from, held me accountable to take the steps needed to reach my goals, and gave me the support I needed when I was stuck.

—Laura Shapiro

       What is

the Momentum Accelerator

Get the support you need to start moving mountains within your business.

You need mentorship that is highly-customized to your exact business needs when you need it and an intimate

community of women who are running at the same level you are.

That’s what Momentum Accelerator is all about.

Less guessing and making decisions in a vacuum… and more collaboration from women who are also

committed to major growth. Plus, strategic support that empowers you to make those game-changing decisions.

You are solution and action-oriented. If you take your business seriously, so do we.

Let’s bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

Designed to be a catalyst for major growth, without burnout. 12 weeks of focus means exponential growth all year long.


Marie Greene

The Accelerator was an invaluable part of the growth of my business.

The Momentum Accelerator was an invaluable part of the growth of my business (not to mention my own personal growth) – I can’t recommend it highly enough. Megan gets straight to the heart of the challenges we face as ambitious women. Her mentoring focuses on REAL action and REAL results – she doesn’t just give advice. She makes sure I have a plan.

Working with Megan has helped me streamline my efforts and sharpen my focus, and the icing on the cake is the incredible team of women in the Accelerator group. Being able to connect, brainstorm, and troubleshoot the obstacles of entrepreneurship with other powerful, motivated women has been an incredible asset to my business.

—Marie Greene
Megan Flatt
What’s included:
  • 12 weeks of high-touch support and focus on your unique business.
  • Your custom Growth Acceleration Plan and dashboard move your unique business forward with high-touch support.
  • A 2-day Workcation Retreat to learn, plan, strategize and most importantly get stuff done. Leave our virtual retreat not just with a solid plan, but also with a strategy to execute it, PLUS items from your to-do list actually completed.
  • One-on-one mentorship with Megan – get out of the weeds and create business growth strategies and make CEO-level decisions.
  • Weekly touchpoints to give you as much planning and strategy support as you need, without getting bogged down.
  • Small group Brain Trust meetings with women who are equally committed to business growth.
  • Plus all the planning and done-for-you resources you need, when you need them.

Kristen with pink ripple background

I tripled my revenue and I was not on track to do that before I joined Momentum Accelerator.

—Kristen Herwitz

Here’s How
it works

The accelerator starts 3 times/year: January 11, April 12, September 20th. Apply to be considered for the next cohort!

1. Fill out the application below
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3. Accelerate Momentum in your business!




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