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Let’s face it. Running a business requires writing lots of emails. How many times do you waste way too much of your precious time agonizing over what to say when you are raising your rates or letting a client go? How much energy does it take every time you need to write a sales email? Do you ever feel like you are writing the same emails over and over again? You probably are. But not any more. 


Let’s make 3 emails you need for your business easier:


When it’s time to raise your prices

Have you ever gotten stuck using your old rates for loyal clients? It’s hard to ask someone who is already paying you to pay you more. While I think loyalty should be rewarded, your bottom line doesn’t need to suffer. Draft an email that:

  • Acknowledges how long you’ve been working together and what they have accomplished with you
  • Tell them how much you love working with them and that you are making changes to better serve clients like them. 
  • List reasons you’ll be better able to serve them
  • State your price for new clients and offer them a special rate (this could be for a certain time, like until the end of the year, or if they pre-pay for a certain number of sessions). 
  • Note when the new price will apply to them. 
  • Close by reiterating that you look forward to continuing to work with them and specify a goal you are working with them on


Private invite to a program

If your sales emails aren’t getting opened or you simply want to reach out more directly to people you know would be a great fit for your program, a templated email is your best friend. The bulk of the email goes into depth about your program or offer and why the person you are sending it to would be a good fit. Heavily customize the beginning and end of your email so it feels very personal to the person you are sending it to. (And if you are cutting and pasting…double check that you changed the name anywhere it appears, before you hit send!)

If you excel at sales calls and would rather give less detail but try to get people on the call, try a format like this: 

I am creating a brand new program to help [PEOPLE LIKE THEM] [GET A RESULT THEY WANT]. Of course I thought of you! Would you have a few minutes to jump on a call so I can tell you about it and get your feedback on the idea?


Customize by filling in the bracketed text, add your calendar link, and hit send. 


Welcome people to your list

When somebody opts into your list, you want to make them feel welcome and help them continue to engage with you. You’ll likely do that over a series of emails that might look like this:

  • Welcome and Serve
  • Establish expertise 
  • Solve #1 problem (sales email) 
  • Bonus resource and social proof
  • Next steps

If you create a new freebie or opt-in, you’ll need a new sequence, but that doesn’t have to mean agonizing over every word for five emails. Think through what you want people to do in each one. For example in the Welcome and Serve first email, you’ll tell them how excited you are and remind them of the promise of your freebie and make the link to get the freebie easy to find. Then you’ll introduce yourself, who you help, and what problems you solve. Give them ways to connect with you (like this):

1. Follow me on [SOCIAL MEDIA] at [HANDLE]. That is where I spend most of my time. I share [THE KIND OF STUFF YOU SHARE] there on a regular basis.

2. (Read/listen to/watch) more tips on how to [WHAT YOU HELP PEOPLE DO] on my (blog/podcast/YouTube channel). In fact, here is the link >>INSERT LINK<< to one of my favorite (blog posts/episodes) where I share exactly how to [WHAT THE CONTENT IS ABOUT].

3. Reply to this email and tell me a little more about yourself. I promise I reply to all my emails myself!

Finally, let them know when you’ll be back and what they should be looking for (a solution to a problem they have).


You know we are all about doing less better. That’s why we recommend templating emails you write again and again. You can draft these emails once and save them—or you can just purchase our Just Hit Send bundle now! 

We have 25+ email templates for you to use. Each template can be customized to your industry and your business and brand voice! 

The Just Hit Send templates are an incredible resource! They take all the emotional thinking out of writing sales and follow up emails. They make it so easy and straightforward!

—Sophie Davies


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